Text Box: Thank you for looking at our Audi at such short notice and getting it back to us so promptly, we had a lovely time in France and clocked up over 1500 trouble free miles, so we think it’s safe to say it’s fixed.  See you soon.
Text Box: Happy Christmas to you all, thank you for the attention you have paid to our A6 over the past year it is truly appreciated. Speak to you in the new year.
Text Box: Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the work you have done on the Skoda, please can you pass my thanks on to your boys and enjoy the biscuits with your “brew”

The following section is just a few of the notes that our customers have sent us after completing work on their vehicles, some from regular customers and some from people that have just broken down and called into the nearest garage to get them out of trouble and on their way again. It is lovely to receive praise and getting letters like these reassures us that we are doing our jobs properly.  Thank you to all our customers and thanks for letting us know how we’re doing.


Text Box: Thank you very much to you and your mechanic for spending the time getting to the bottom of the knocking noise on our polo, I wish I’d have found out about you sooner, it would have saved me all the trouble of having to go back to ********** ********** three times to be told there was nothing wrong!  We’ll be booking our passat in for its mot in August, so we’ll be back in touch around then.  Thanks again.
Text Box: Dave, could you let your lads know the light seems to have stayed out now so think  we can draw a line under that one, thanks for the time and patience it took to get it fixed.
Text Box: Thank you for getting the van running again, can’t tell you how much it’s helped us out, we were thinking of scrapping it, but now it’s fixed we’ll run it into the ground, a massive thank you from the both of us.